Sizzling Peach catered an amazing July 4th / July 3rd spread for our party. Salad, pork sliders, beef sliders, charcuterie, etc.... So good! Even went to farmers' market a few days ahead of time to make sure we had the freshest of fruit in a fruit salad.

Quick set up when they came. Came when said they would to set up and take down. Went above and beyond and visited house ahead of time to better plan on where would set all out for us. Our guests, friends, and neighbors were highly impressed. (Meat for pork sliders is, possibly, even more delicious two days later as heated up left overs).

Jake Eby

We were lucky enough to run into the SP team at a corp event and saw their presentation and tasted their food. So when our 3-day event came up, we knew exactly who to call. Nona provided a fantastic breakfast and lunch menu for our event. The team made sure all of our guests' needs were met. The food was delicious and the service was great. The Sizzling Peach met all of our expectations and then some. You'd be wise to use them for your next event.

Sherry Callan

Sizzling Peach created an incredible family brunch on Friday after Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Nona and Briana are true artists of food! Their presentation was spectacular and they were very careful to consider all dietary issues. I personally tried everything and I heard the crowd favorites were the delicious scones and scrumptious sweet potato hash. Thank you ladies for taking time to get to know our family. We all appreciate you spending much of your Thanksgiving holiday preparing a fantastic meal!

Stephanie Ponder Randolph

The ladies at Sizzling Peach are incredible! Their service, food, and personalities made our baby shower the best ever! We had polenta bites, tea sandwiches, marinated feta, chorizo puffs, and more & everyone loved it! I would highly recommend them for any and every event! We can’t wait to work with Sizzling Peach again!

Courtney Laramore

We used Sizzling Peach for a birthday dinner and they were fabulous! The food was absolutely delicious. They are completely professional, but also add some fun to your night. Thanks again, Nona and Briana!

Bronwyn Bigard Begley

Um. You're awesome! Thanks for making our evening memorable. I'll never eat blueberries without a smile on my heart:)

Kim McNaron

The macaroni and cheese CHANGED ME. They were amazing! Every bite was a real treat, full of flavor and creativity, their service was awesome, and I'll be dreaming about my next plate of food from them in the meantime... (*sigh*)

Audra Starr

Over the past couple of decades, I've acquired a plethora of knives from aunt, uncle, mother, father, husband, etc. I've held on to all of them but came to realize I had too much and needed to pare down. The problem was that I wasn't sure what was junk (with a few exceptions) and what was good, what I needed and what I didn't, so I invited my friend Chef Nona Johnson and a few friends over for a steak dinner party, dubbing it 'Knives with Nona'.

Martha Rich Watson

My husband and I are regulars for Nona's Healthy Meatless Monday meals and we are hooked! Let me tell you, she has dazzled and delighted our taste buds! I am totally spoiled on these Monday meals-no prep, no time considerations (outside of driving by to pick up the meals), no clean up. Easy, peasy and totally healthy. We usually opt for an additional protein source to be added to the already yummy meal; yesterday, it was wild caught gulf shrimp. Boy, hidee, that was off the chain. You have to try the vegetable scampi and quinoa! All I can say is "WOW!"

Mary Ebinger Adams