Lo┬Ěcal - "belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively" so It is with great pride that we remove exclusivity from the definition of local. Like many, the pandemic springboarded us into now-or-never mode. As business as we knew it buckled at its knees, we revisited a longtime dream of fostering working diversity in a way that promoted community support, waste reduction, and the amplification of valuable voices that often go unheard. Most of all, we hoped to spearhead initiatives that serve to remedy the food desert status of Norcross, Georgia - the place we now call home. Pretty lofty endeavor, right? Yep! The heart of The Local Peach is to dream big and reach
far to make sure home feels like home for everyone.

We definitely are not your average Southern eatery. The Local Peach does serve up deliciousness with a smile but that's not all. Our market exists as a hub for civic engagement, the exchange of locally sourced goods, and soul-stirring conversations. Here is where food, love, and education join forces to combat our community's most pressing what-ifs:

What if the disenfranchised had the chance to succeed?

What if diversity was lived out rather than just talked about?

What if we built a business so inclusive that fear of failure was eliminated?

We approach these questions with the socially conscious belief that success should be far from an exclusive experience. We seek to nurture a culture of compassion and acceptance through authenticity, pride, originality, and collaboration. Our shelves are stocked with products from local minority and women-owned businesses because when everyone has a seat at the table, every person eats. The Local Peach is that table.

From meal kits to virtual cooking classes, trusted artisan products, hot meals on the go, and partnerships to combat food insecurity, everything we do is for the good of all. It's not enough to simply talk about change. The Local Peach is committed to being the change we want to see and connecting with like-minded individuals, families, and organizations who share in our passion. We strive
daily to develop lasting relationships that open hearts to a broadened sense of community and commitment to collective success.