Lights, Camera, Snacks

Lights, Camera, Snacks

Every filming project needs film crew catering in Norcross, GA

The Atlanta, Georgia area has been a hot spot for filming movies and TV shows for years. If you need film crew catering in Norcross, Georgia, you can rely on The Local Peach. We provide delicious fresh meals to every set, exactly when you need them.

Sometimes, filming takes longer than expected. Your cast and crew can't focus when they're hungry. That's why it's important to have a dependable film catering company in your rolodex. Your crew will feel satisfied and ready to get back to work after enjoying our food.

Do you have an especially large cast or special catering preferences? Speak with a film crew catering pro from The Local Peach in Norcross, Georgia today.

A well-fed crew is an efficient crew

What is your current project? Whether you're filming a commercial or a full-length film, our film industry catering service has you covered. We've catered the filming of:

  • Feature films
  • Commercials
  • TV shows
  • Music videos
  • Photo shoots

Film industry catering is a piece of cake when you hire The Local Peach. Call 678-694-8603 now to explore our film catering options.